The scientific-practical journal "Bulletin of the Institute: crime, punishment, correction"

The scientific-practical journal "Bulletin of the Institute: crime, punishment, correction" has been published by the Vologda Institute of Law and Economics of the Federal Penal Service of Russia since 2007.

By the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation on the 22nd of October 2010 the journal is included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, where should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of PhD. and Dcs.

In accordance with the Order of the Russian Ministry of Education of the July 25, 2014 № 793 by the the Russian Ministry of Education was formed a new list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Phd., for the degree of Dsc. (hereinafter - the List ), and which entered into force on December 1, 2015 (the letter of the Russian Ministry of Education about the List of reviewed scientific publications from 01.12.2015, the № 13-6518). The scientific and practical journal "Bulletin of the Institute: crime, punishment, correction" is in the list of the three branches of science: 12.00.00 "Jurisprudence"; 19.00.00" "Psychology"; 13.00.00 "Pedagogy".

Activities of the penal system of the Russian Federation is constantly in the spotlight of public authorities, civil society and the scientific community. Currently this attention is due to the need to establish the penal system, an adequate state of crime in the country and in line with international standards for the treatment of prisoners, what is impossible without fundamental and applied research. In this context scientific journal "Bulletin of the Institute: crime, punishment, correction" represents an opportunity to acquaint the general public with the results of such research and to give them an impartial assessment in terms of relevance, originality, scientific, theoretical and practical significance.

The journal is an effective tool for interaction between scientific, educational institutions and law enforcement agencies in Russia and abroad on topical issues of criminal liability, penalty, prevention of crime, development and operation of the penal system and other law enforcement agencies.

The most scientific papers published in the journal are scientific results of dissertation research on the degree of PhD. and Dcs. There are posted results both basic and applied research, scientific articles of adjuncts, graduate and doctoral students. Each issue contains articles of leading scientists on actual problems of criminal and criminal-executive law and criminology, criminal proceedings, judicial, prosecutorial, human rights, law enforcement, forensics, operational and investigative activities, legal psychology and pedagogy, other issues of relevance to the journal.

The journal highlights the results of research conducted by the authors' team of the Institute and other educational and research institutions, provides information about ongoing by the institution, as well as other organizations, international, Russian and regional research activities, undertaken international scientific projects and their results. Published are the materials by foreign authors on the experience of law enforcement and prison services of other countries.

We hope that our journal will maintain and strengthen its role in the development of scientific thought, improve the quality and level of ongoing research, will ensure the formation of a positive reputation of the scientist, and for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation - an important tool for improving the quality of research expertise.

We invite to cooperation, publication of scientific papers in the journal and subscribe to the journal, and ask to make suggestions and feedback to published materials on its pages.

Editor in Chief: Head of Institute Evgeny L. KHARKOVSKY.

Address of the publisher and editorial staff: Russia, 160002, Vologda, ul. Shetinina, d. 2.

Tel. edition: (8172) 51-82-50 (8172) 51-46-12 (8172) 51-98-70.

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